2. huhtikuuta 2014

Google Apps Connector for M-files: Document management made easy and safe

Google Apps Connector for M-files is a new product designed for organizations who uses Google Apps -solutions and has a need to store important data also to M-files DMS. Google Apps Connector for M-Files enables users to save important files from Google Drive and emails from Gmail to M-files DMS.

Both M-files and Google Apps are designed to be easy to use. Always making sure your company´s important information is safe. Google Apps Connector for M-files improves workflow, enables securely control content, and avoid conflicts and data loss.

Google Apps Connector for M-files features
  • Synchronizing important documents from Google Drive to M-Files DMS
  • Save email messages from Gmail to M-Files DMS
  • User can automatically update versions in M-Files after initial sync

Get started by installing the 30 day free 
trial from Google Apps Marketplace

Google Apps Connector for M-files contact information:

+358 9 4257 9282
We are located in Helsinki, Finland GMT+2

VerkkoAps Ltd
Castréninkatu 13
00530 Helsinki, Finland
Business ID: FI23257036

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